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Photos from our visit to the 9th District Courthouse and Salesforce Gardens


Friendship Force of the San Francisco Bay Area (FFSFBA) is an organization that participates in one week home stay journeys (once called exchanges) both at home and abroad. Our purpose is to experience countries and cultures different from ours, to promote understanding between each other, and to cultivate friendships. We are a member club of Friendship Force International.

Here are a few pictures from our recent visit to the 9th District Courthouse and Salesforce Gardens. 

Upcoming events


Members !  - Please read the forum update below regarding our new candidates for our 2023 board.

Local Events

We hold regular meetings including a World Friendship Day celebration, an annual picnic, and a holiday luncheon. We also schedule events with speakers and local tours. In preparation for our journeys, we hold meetings exploring their cultures.

Inbound Journeys
We host ambassadors from other countries or areas of the U.S. We arrange parties and tours for our guests, and many of our local members participate in the events. Volunteer home hosts provide a place to stay for the guests. We also have dinners or pot lucks that are arranged for small groups so that more members can participate.

Outbound Journeys
We serve as ambassadors to other countries, stay as guests in someone's home, and experience the daily lives of the local area as well as tour their local communities and experience their cultural activities. We travel as a group and are hosted by a local club of Friendship Force International. Usually there is an optional tour before or after the home stay.

Updated Read our November 2023 President's letter.

Read more about our journeys.

View our recent videos.


Meet people, join in on the fun. Eat in the local restaurants with locals, who might happen to be your hosts. Stay with them in their homes, not in mindless Hotels.  Remember that they are as interested in you as you are in them, 

Visit many new countries, cultures, and places that most people dream of going to. Or stay closer to home and visit the wonders of our great United States! 

Our members love to travel and can't wait to meet you.  We get together for many types of events. Share  your travels,  your stories with us. We are  just like you in so many ways...


Our Mission Statement:

The Mission of FFSFBA is to promote global peace, understanding, and friendship through homestays.

Our Vision Statement:

Our Vision: Each individual will make a contribution to global goodwill.

The Friendship Force worldwide network of clubs and individuals will overcome differences among people and nations.

By connecting the world one friend at a time we will create a world of friends that becomes a world of peace.

The Friendship Force Pledge:

As a member of the Friendship Force

I recognize that I can make a difference,

I recognize that I have a mission.

That mission is to be a friend

To the people of the world.

As I embark on this adventure

I know that others are watching me.

I know that through my example to my own fellow citizens

And people of other nations,

The cause of Friendship, Love and Peace can be furthered.

I can make a difference!

Link to our parent organization:

Friendship Force International

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